WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — City clerk Katie Steen brought up the issue of how to  deal with licensing of all-terrain vehicles.

    Several years ago the council passed an ordinance allowing persons with medical conditions to drive on the city streets with golf carts and other small motorized carts.

    However since the boom of two and four passenger all-terrain vehicles, they can be fully licensed by the state if they are properly equipped and the drivers have a valid drivers license and insurance.

    Currently cities can regulate their use within the city. However the consensus of council members was to honor the proper licensing within the city limits.

    Steen suggested the council should look at the current ordinance and make changes to reflect use of these vehicles within the city limits.

    She has already had someone  in to ask what the city’s policy is on state licensed ATV’s. She says I was unable to give them an  answer, so I think it needs to be addressed.

    Mayor Dennis Phelps said he will look  at the current ordinance with Steen and police chief Alan Wahl to recommend appropriate changes to the ordinance.

    The council members felt that if the vehicles are street legal, licensed and insured they should not need to get a permit from the city. However they felt non street legal vehicles such as golf carts would still require a city  issued permit.

    Phelps gave praise to all the city employees for their work during Fun Days. He said, “it went very well — everyone did a great job. All in all the whole event went very well!”

    Police Chief Wahl informed the council that all city employees must have Emergency Management Incident System training. Wahl said he would set up a training session for the council and all city employees to meet the NMIS training requirements.

    There has been an issue at the community center with stove pilot lights going out. According to utilities employee Dan Joel it would be very expensive to replace the stove pilots with electronic ignition.

    The cost of new stoves with electronic ignition would be about $5,000 each.

    Joel also gave a brief safety talk about natural gas. He said, if you plan any digging on your property call 811 for free locating service first! In the event of a gas leak or if a gas line is hit get out of the area immediately then call 911! Joel said he could not emphasize enough the importance of calling for locating service.

    Mayor Phelps suggested that perhaps some of our civic organizations could dedicate some of their funds to help with the replacement of the stoves.

    City Clerk Steen read a letter from American Towers, the owner of the cell phone tower on the south side of the city. The tower company asked if the council would like to continue with the  current lease, or get a buy -out of a one time payment of $110,000. Currently the city receives about $8,000 a year from the lease.

    After a brief discussion, noting that the lease continues to go up each year, the council decided to continue with the  monthly payments.

    Steen told the council that MNDOT wants to hold a meeting at Westbrook for planning for repair of Highway 30 from the Murray County border to Highway 71. Work for this job is not scheduled until 2018.

    The council approved payment to Brad Peters who was hired to help with police security during Fun Days to be paid a lump sum for his services.

    Steen told the council an inspection of the pool only had one immediate problem, the chlorine levels were too high. It has since been adjusted. The inspector also noted the bottom of the kiddie pool should be resurfaced by next year.

    The council approved the following people as election judges: Rob Adams, Katie Steen, Nicole Elzenga, Daryl Hrdlicka, John Madson, Sue Olsem, Sharon Timgren, Helen Peterson, and Marlys Erickson.

    The council accepted a $3,000 donation from the Fire Relief Association fund. The council then voted to give the Fire Department $3,000.

    Katie Steen announced city election openings and filing dates for the coming fall election — council member C. John Amundson 2 year term; Mayor Dennis Phelps 2 year term; council members John Madson and Jan Johnson 4 year terms.

    The following permits were issued.

    • Doug Kleeburger for an addition on his home on First Avenue.

    • Jared Lindaman for concrete pad at his home on Columbus Ave.

    • Wayne Mishke for a deck on his home on Seventh Street.

    • Andrew Olsem for a concrete pad by his home on Sixth Street.

    • Justin Dieter for an addition to his home on Bell Avenue. The council noted the requested hedge would have to meet setback requirements.

June police report.

    Four domestic incidents; one county assist; one funeral escort; two air ambulance assists;  one arrest.