WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     It seems lately all you hear  about on the network news is about war and disasters. We have become somewhat complacent about conflicts in the middle east and eastern Europe as well.

    Most recently there has been civil conflict in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and Gaza. It seems that the news media tends to highlight the more significant events on a day to day basis. Of course that is what we expect them to do, that is why they call it news.

    Before digital media, a lot of the news trickled in through various means of now obsolete forms of communications. Today if you are a user of smart technology you can find minute to minute updates on events being held on the other  side of the world.

    I still have not completely embraced that technology. I still prefer using something called email. I remember back in the nineties when most people were still using dial up technology,  my boss told me that email is ok if you check it often enough. Well I do check my home email at least on a daily basis and my work email several times a day. For me it is the most efficient means of communication. Not only can I get information I need, I can get photos from other  sources. These things have made my job much easier.

    Sorry about that, I got sidetracked with my shortcomings in regard to keeping up with technology. I do use, Skype, and  Dropbox, but I donít text.

    I am guessing that only about two to five percent  of network television  news are ďfeel good storiesĒ the rest is about war, plane crashes, natural  disasters, and crime.

    When I was growing up living in Seattle,  Washington, I only recall a couple of events that were bad news.  The first was an earthquake when I was in first grade. I remember my mom rushing us out of our house, thinking it was the furnace blowing  up or something like that. I guess that was something you never forget. When the ground is undulating so bad you could not stand up you tend to remember it.

    Then there was the second time in five years we had about four inches of snow ó it shut down the whole city for a day or two. I guess that wasnít so bad because I remember sledding  down the steep hills on the streets.

    The way I see it people ought  to shut off their television sets for a while and pickup your small town newspaper.  You will find local stories and information that will not cause depression, and sometimes will bring a smile to  your face or maybe cause you to chuckle. In small town newspapers the ratio of good to bad news is just the opposite of the network media,  about 95 percent good news, and 5 percent bad news.

    I have to admit that I didnít read newspapers much when I was growing up, but I do remember reading  the comics. Today I call that the educational page.

     I am saying in general, that we in small towns enjoy a good life, even if it seems a bit on the boring  side.

    Have a great week and do good!