WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG — Athletic Director Leo Theisen gave the board the schedule for fall activities. He noted that  captains’ practice for football will begin in two weeks.

    He also said “we are still looking for a junior high volleyball coach.” The Charger volleyball squad will be playing Tracy Milroy Balaton Tuesday August 26 at Westbrook.

    The Charger football team will travel to Cleveland for their first football game on Thursday, August 28.

    Superintendent Loy Woelber reported that elementary principal Paul Olson attended a Train the Trainer workshop recently.

    Woelber talked about the education foundations. He noted that he has been working with the Westbrook Education Foundation, it has a facebook page, but it is in need of updating.

    Woelber got four square glass bank boards, two were installed on practice hoops at the high school gym. The other two were installed in  the Walnut Grove gym. The boards they replaced will be going to Lake Benton Elementary School.

    Woelber talked about the van routes noting that there likely will be one less van route, but there is a possibility of another family that will be sending their kids from southeast of Westbrook.

    Board clerk Ginny Barron  told the board she surveyed about fifteen area schools about who handled the board election duties and found that 12 of them had office personnel doing it. Superintendent Woelber says he is in the process of setting up those duties within the district office.

    Kerry Knakmuhs of Knakmuhs Agency presented the quote for the school’s insurance policies. Knakmuhs said more coverage was added due to increase in electronic equipment, lawn equipment, and vehicles. He noted the overall increase was just two percent.

    The policy for Property, Inland Marine, Crime Coverage,

General Liability, and Automobile coverage total premium was $55,724.

    Excess liability limit was $1,319; Directors and Officers coverage for school personnel  making decisions and wrongful acts to another party, premium $2,863; Workers Compensation based on wages, $26,542; School  treasurer’s bond $25,000 premium $125.00.

    The board approved the insurance package with Kerry Knakmuhs abstaining.

    The board reviewed fees and rates for lunch tickets, athletic admissions, athletic fees, and rental rates for use of school facilities.

    The  only item that increased in all of the fees was an increase for adults and school employees from $3.35 to $3.40 per meal. The board approved the fees and rental rates for the 2014-15 school year.

    Hiring or transferring the following personnel was approved by the board.

    Transfer of Tanya Mershon to substitute Westbrook kitchen. Transfer of Stacy Lien to Westbrook district office. Doris Zeug as part time para at Walnut Grove. Andrea Bents as full time elementary para. Steve LeBoutillier hired as assistant football coach. Pat Merrick and Doug Lee as drivers education instructors. Nate Knakmuhs as junior high football coach.

    The following teaching staff was approved by the board for hiring. Jessica Laleman as secondary science instructor. Angie Benson as full time fourth grade instructor. Jocelyn Wester as part time fourth grade instructor. James Menton as Spanish instructor, Menton is also a licensed administrator, and  will be used to help with supervision of Charger Learning Center, an after school student assistance program.

    The following items were approved by the board.

• Capital Expenditure Health and Safety budget of $19,500 for FV 2015 and current H&S policy.

• Resignations of Eric and Angie Larson were accepted with much appreciation for their service.

• Lane change for Derrick Jenniges from BA 45 to MA.

• MSBA dues for 2014-2015  at rate of $3,405.

• Bids for milk and bread: Deans Foods milk vendor, Slayton bakery for bread vendor for Westbrook, and Sara Lee bread vendor for Walnut Grove.

• Continuation of K- Literacy plan.

• Access to district accounts: Bank Midwest - Loy Woelber, Rachel Christians and Jane Hass for transactions with district activity and scholarship accounts. Christians and Hass for district activity, scholarship electronic transfers, and ACH transactions. Christians for transactions with MN liquid asset and max accounts. Integrity Bank Plus - Woelber and Kerry Knakmuhs for transactions with Walnut Grove scholarships and pass book accounts.

• FY 2015 school year designations: District attorney: Kevin Rupp of Rupp, Anderson, Squires, and Waldspurger. Bank Midwest as district depository. Sentinel Tribune official newspaper. Board meetings: third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. (odd months in Westbrook, even months in  Walnut Grove, January, February fourth Monday). Mileage reimbursement at current government rate.

• Board appointments: Census takers: Kellie Parker and Corrine Olson.