WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Well, the final curtain of the Wilder Pageant for 2014 fell after the performance a week ago Saturday night, the stars are gone, the fans have left, and the vendors are gone.

     To say the past three pageant weekends were a gala event would be a gross understatement. Iím not sure who came up with the idea of holding the fortieth cast reunion of the Little House stars, but I imagine it evolved from the Wilder Museum committee. At any rate when the idea concept was first talked about over a year ago there were numerous questions and a lot of planning for the reunion committee to deal with.

    First and foremost the stars had to be contacted and sent contracts to appear. To the delight of the committee  the initial response was very positive. In the end eleven stars signed on for the event.

    Then planning the logistics of how to handle the expected 5,000 visitors for that weekend was a big thing. From coordinating numerous autograph sessions, to lining  up food vendors, transportation for the stars, and a ton of volunteers.

    The volunteers were the fabric of the success of the Stars weekend. You couldnít help but notice the reunion green t-shirts. They seemed to be everywhere. But yet they were completely unobtrusive and totally helpful to anyone  who had questions about the weekend activities. Overall the event was very  well organized and despite the rain on Saturday morning everything went off without a hitch.

    I canít begin to give enough praise to the committee and all  the volunteers for all their hard work! You Done Good Walnut Grove! You are the real stars.

    According to Amy Ankrum, museum director, the stars would like to do this again, possibly for the 45th reunion.

    Then again the pageant will be celebrating itís fortieth anniversary in three years, how about then? Just food for thought, if not a cast reunion possibly a couple of stars would be in order for that milestone.

    Have a great week and do good!