HULL, Iowa (STPNS) -- Kadean Toering, age 5 and Chaz Toering, age 17 months, sons of Michelle Toering of Orange City, died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Friday, December 18.  A memorial service will be held Wednesday at the Maurice First Reformed Church of Maurice with Rev. Mark Haverdink officiating.  Interment will follow at Hope Cemetery of Hull.

Kadean Andros Toering danced his way into this world May 31st 2004, after alerting Michelle to his impending arrival while she was out dancing with girlfriends. He was welcomed at the Aurora Colorado hospital by his Grandma Marlene, Aunt Melissa and close friends: Victoria Lopez, Jamie Mason. He weighed 6lbs 8.5oz and was 21” long. Kadean and Michelle returned to Iowa when Kadean was 9 months old. Kadean attended Country Kids Daycare, while Michelle worked at Sioux Center Wal-Mart.

They returned to Colorado in 2006 and lived for a while with Jamie Mason and her family. Kadean became very close with Jamie’s daughters Ashley and Deidra, who loved to dote on him. Kadean lived with his “Auntie” Melissa Toering for several months. While Michelle and Melissa worked or attended classes, Kadean spent time at Mary’s Munchkins Daycare.

Kadean and Michelle returned to Iowa where Kadean fit easily into the routine of life in their hom in Orange City. For a time they lived with his Grandpa and Grandma. Kadean loved to play outside, with cars, trucks, and trains. He especially loved to help Grandpa in the garage and in the yard. Michelle and Kadean often camped with Grandpa and Grandma. Kadean simply loved the art of campsite living. The family spent much of their summer time at Children’s Park where Kadean played and rode his bicycle. He also enjoyed attending Orange City Area Daycare.

Kadean had several special playmates in the years before his little brother came into his life. He greatly enjoyed spending time with his foster cousin, Maliya Iron Horn, and cousins, Hunter and Haley Van Beek. Kadean like to spend weekends and holidays with his cousins at Grandpa and Grandma’s farm house or at Children’s Park.

Chaz Allen Toering, was born July 1st, 2008. He was 8lbs 6.5oz and was 19’’ long. He was welcomed into the world by grandma Marlene. He joined the family when Kadean was four years old. A bright and bubbly little boy, Chaz loved riding in his coupe car and pushing everything that he could move. He liked camping with Grandpa and Grandma, and climbing on everything, including his big brother. Anytime he heard his big brother’s voice he perked up! He just couldn’t wait to catch up to Kadean and he was well on his way. Chaz always had a big appetite; he learned to eat quickly and seemed to never stop.

At 17 months, Chaz was already harassing and bullying his big brother. If Kadean got too close to his level, Chaz would grab on and not let go. Kadean learned to be gentle but firm, but often was caught by Chaz anyway. Chaz on the other hand was just beginning to understand the word “gentle!” Chaz especially loved cuddling. When he wasn’t climbing, pushing, or eating he was cuddled up with mommy, smiling his cherubic smile. When visiting Uncle Jason and Leah, Chaz squealed in delight when their puppy Luna licked his feet or chased Kadean around the room.

Chaz also enjoyed the time that he spent at the Orange City Area Daycare.

Kadean and Chaz were bright and cheerful boys. They were full of love and playfulness. The boys relished their time together at home with their mom, who dearly loved them. The boys both enjoyed going to Maurice Reformed Church with Grandpa and Grandma. Kadean was excited to go to Sunday School and Children In Worship. The boys also liked spending time at Orange City Area Daycare.

Many weekends were spent with Grandpa and Grandma. Kadean and Chaz’s last trip in this life was on that familiar drive to their farmhouse. The boys were going to help put up Christmas lights and spend the weekend hanging out with Mom and Grandpa and Grandma.

Although Kadean and Chaz had a short time with us. They touched the lives of, and were loved by, so many people. Both boys have changed our hearts for a lifetime and will always live on with us.

The boys are survived by their mother, Michelle Toering; Kadean’s father, Jason Farmer; Chaz’s Father, Jason Heater; grandparents: Alvis and Marlene Van Beek and Allen and Mary Jo Toering. Two aunts: Melissa and Leah Toering; three uncles: Marvin Van Beek, Jason Toering and Matthew Toering; cousins, Haley and Hunter Van Beek, and many extended family members and close friends.