SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- The annual meeting on April 17 at Finley Gym of the members of the Socorro Electric Cooperative could change the face the co-op as we know it at least for this year. On March 27, the co-op will hold an informational meeting for its members to discuss the upcoming resolutions that will be voted on.

The annual meeting will be held at the Finley Gym and that is the day members get to vote on resolutions presented by themselves and the board. But in order for a vote to happen, there needs to be a quorum of members. That means 300 or more members have to attend and vote on the resolutions.

Here is what members will be voting on after the Socorro Electric Cooperative released a report by its bylaw committee, which is chaired by trustee Leroy Anaya. Other members of the committee include Jack Bruton, Manny Marquez, Donald Wolberg and Leo Cordova.

Members will get to vote on such major issues as how many trustees will sit on the co-op board. tenure of office, compensation, redistricting, number of meetings per month and the format of meetings.

“If members want to take part and make a difference, they have to show up at the annual meeting and vote,” said trustee Donald Wolberg, the chairman of the informational meeting committee and a member of the bylaw committee. “If they show up, their voice can be heard. If they don’t show up, that sends a message as well.”

In the committee meetings, Wolberg said trustees talked about every single one of the resolutions and a lot of thought was put into the wording of each of the proposed resolutions.

“The process has been pure and the vast majority of the board has been very cooperative,” Wolberg said. “There have been no complaints and no ulterior game plan. It is up to the membership. The co-op is looking forward and not back.”

Whatever changes the members do vote to make, Wolberg said a professional group will have to be hired to implement the changes. For example if members vote to have five trustees run the co-op, the professional group will have to be hired to redistrict the co-op coverage area.

“It will be done by a professional group in a professional way,” Wolberg said.