SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- For people in northern Catron County who suffer from nagging aches and pains, now there?s relief. Pie Town is now home to a licensed chiropractor.

Susan Pisano moved to Pie Town from Santa Fe about two months ago for much the same reason others come to this community on the Continental Divide.

?I like the wide open skies. I grew up in rural Long Island before there were so many people. I grew up looking at stars,? Pisano said. ?Santa Fe has gotten too hectic, and I?ve longed to be out here.?

She and her husband, Michael Robinson, have been coming to Pie Town for seven years.

?Michael has an avid interest in astronomy, and we discovered Pie Town was one of the darkest places in the United States. Michael started holding private star parties on some land we bought on Elk Ridge. It was a way to be here more often,? she said.

Pisano?s techniques involve a vitalistic form of health care, and she said a variety of problems can be relieved through chiropractic.

?A chiropractor is someone in tune with the vital force, or life force, of the human body,? she said. ?I call it the triad of health. The best way to think of it is like a triangle. At the top point is mental and emotional health. Another point is chemistry and nutrition, and a third point is the nervous system. Each of these three factors affect the others.?

She said the chiropractic technique is not to treat the symptom, but the underlying cause of the pain or condition.

?This would take in a wide variety of problems, from an emotional origin, such as difficulty in a marriage, to poor nutrition,? Pisano said. ?I?ve learned through studies and professional experience the body has its own healing mechanisms. People, especially in a rural area like Catron County, understand the value of simple solutions and natural cures. There are no doctors living in this county, and getting to one can be a major undertaking for some. I want to help them to take responsibility for their own health. I?m just a facilitator. My job is to empower that person.?

Pisano has had extensive training in her craft, having studied at the prestigious Life Chiropractic in Marrietta, Georgia.

She has been practicing in Santa Fe for 13 years.

Her office is located behind Uncle Larry?s Wood Hue Gallery on Highway 60 in Pie Town.