SUPERIOR, Nebraska (STPNS) -- Angie Moody met with members of the Superior City Council Monday evening to discuss health concerns related to the condition of a former residence at 255 South Converse.

Earlier the city health board became concerned with the condition of the property and determined on Sept. 24 it should be placed on a list of properties in need of substantial improvement or demolition. The owner was a sent a letter directing that improvements must be made.

A representative of the owner called the city office to report plans to clean the property and perhaps move back in. He was asked to mow the property but said his mower was not in operating condition.

Moody said she had mowed a few feet onto the property but the owners sent the police to visit with her about trespassing.

Members of the council directed the health board to proceed with legal action to force either the clean-up and repair of the property or its removal.

But that process will take several months and does not address Moody's immediate health concerns.

Moody said in the month of October she trapped 50 mice in her home at 235 South Converse. She acknowledged her property was also in need of attention but said she thought most of the mouse problem was being caused by the vacant house. She said the mice had been living in the house but with the onset of colder weather were looking for a warmer place.

Moody said she suffers from respiratory conditions including emphysema and COPD and the presence of the mice was making those conditions worse.

The house has been vacant for two years.

Members of the council suggested several steps she could take to reduce the problem.

Ron Springer suggested she obtain a black light. At night with the other lights in her house off, he said the black light would reveal mouse tracks. The tracks could then be followed to determine where the mice were getting in to her home and the entrance points could be plugged. Steel wool is often suggested as a material to use for plugging mouse and rat entry points.

Mike Worm suggested she purchase Bar Bait at the local elevator. He told of living in the same neighborhood and also having problems with mice. He said the bait worked better than the traps or mouse poison he also tried. He said the bait could be placed in locations where pets would not have access to it.

It was also suggested the local exterminator had an effective cardboard "sticky" trap she might consider using.

Moody said she had purchased a rundown property across the street from her home and had plans to take care of it.