BUDA, Texas (STPNS) -- Mourners overflowed the worship hall and spilled out into the anteroom and beyond of the First Baptist Church in San Marcos to honor the late Sheriff Allen Bridges Thursday morning.

The 500-seat worship hall of the First Baptist Church was filled to capacity and every available space was filled by the many people standing who could not find seats. In the church's anteroom outside the worship hall, an additional several hundred chairs that had been set up were taken long before the service started.

Additional mourners spilled out from the church by the hundreds into the foyer and entryway.

The dias at the church was filled with several hundred law enforcement officers and all the members of the Commissioners Court.

Bridges, 62, collapsed suddenly at his home Friday evening after attending a Brown Santa fundraiser in San Marcos. He was taken to the hospital, where was pronounced dead at 12:15 a.m. Saturday morning.

At the conclusion of Wednesday morning's funeral, the family left through a dense honor guard of officers, which included deputies from Bridges' sheriff's department and from law enforcement agencies throughout Central Texas. The minister of the First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs and the chaplain of the Hays County Sheriff's Department both said family and friends should take comfort in the fact that Bridges was a committed Christian and a man who took joy in his family and his life.