BRYSON CITY, North Carolina (STPNS) -- It was mild and it was brief, but most people noticed a minor earthquake that shook the area from Swain County to Maggie Valley June 22.

There was no reported damage from the 3.1 Richter scale quake which only lasted a couple of seconds.

Government earthquake monitors estimated the center of the quake to be about 28 miles north of Franklin. The movement was reported by residents of northern Macon County, Swain and Jackson, and western Haywood counties.

That ?things shook? everyone agreed. There were differing opinions in the aftermath as to what had happened. ?I thought it was an explosion on the fourlane,? said Whittier resident Pam Boaze. ?I looked out toward the highway and could see and hear that traffic was moving along normally.?

Others suspected an airplane breaking the sound barrier, although there was no other aircraft flight noise.

Alan and Cheri Greene of Monroe were attending a conference at the Church of God Assembly Grounds at Gateway at the time, about 9 p.m. The Greenes said the ground and building shook ?Everyone looked around at each other but it didn?t   interrupt the service,? said Alan Greene, a Church of God pastor. ?A few men went out to see if it was thunder, or a plane. We did not know it was an earthquake until after the service.?

Earthquakes are not uncommon in Western North Carolina and the Southern Appalachians, but are typically lower strength and seldom destructive.

Earthquake coverage is not a part of most homeowner insurance policies, but is an option for additional protection, local agents say.