SUPERIOR, Nebraska (STPNS) -- Regular rainfall continues to keep the Lovewell and Harlan County reservoirs filled into flood stage.

Tuesday morning Lovewell was 1.8 feet into flood stage and Harlan County was one foot into flood stage.

Rains on Thursday night spiked the inflow into both reservoirs.

Lovewell had an inflow of 80.17 cubic feet per second on Thursday but that jumped to 874 c.f.s. on Friday and had declined only slightly to 868 c.f.s. on Saturday morning. Sunday the inflow had dropped to 227 and it was 228 on Monday. By Tuesday it was down to 94 c.f.s. The Tuesday inflow was matching the outflow.

Harlan County was releasing more than it was taking in prior to Thursday's rain. Inflow there jumped to 452 on Friday but has now declined. On Tuesday morning releases from Harlan County were exceeding the inflow by 100 c.f.s.