SUPERIOR, Nebraska (STPNS) -- Discussion continued on the proposed geographic information system (GIS) for the county assessor's office at Monday's regular meeting of the Nuckolls County Board.

Marcus Tooze, president of GIS Workshops in Lincoln, was present to answer questions from the board. Tooze's company was one of two to bid on the project; the other was Great Plains GIS Consulting in Ravenna. County assessor Janice Murray and the county's contracted appraiser, Darrel Stanard, were also present.

Board chairman Arnold Brown asked Tooze about ongoing costs associated with a GIS system installed by his company. Tooze said there is a flat fee for both internet and telephone support services and also an annual licensing fee for software. Tooze said he has five telephone lines and technicians available for telephone support for his customers.

Brown also asked about closer, higher quality photographs of properties in the county for assessment purposes. Tooze said his company owns and operates a Cessna aircraft for that purpose and could probably cover Nuckolls County for about $12,000.

"We only fly on request now," Tooze said. "With $6 airplane fuel, we can't afford to fly on spec any more."

Tooze said it would take six to eight months to install and implement the system for Nuckolls County. GIS Workshop currently provides GIS services to about 35 Nebraska counties. Bids were opened at the July 7 meeting; no action was taken by the board Monday.

Acting as the Board of Equalization, the commissioners heard valuation protests from three taxpayers.

Dale Delka requested the valuation of a property he owns with a vacant house in Bostwick be reduced from $10,505 to $4,080 because the house is vacant and not modern. He requested his property at 3479 Road BC in Superior be reduced by $10,000 because a hot tub is no longer there. Assessor Murray said the hot tub was no longer being added in, and the board planned to inspect the Delka's Bostwick property in the afternoon.

Mariah Charbonneau requested the valuation of her property at 551 N. Kansas in Superior be reduced from $54,650 to $39,000 because a complete remodel is necessary and hasn't been completed yet. The board agreed to look at the house in the afternoon.

Jeanie Smith requested the valuation of her property at 1446 N. Central Ave. be reduced from $88,920 to $66,000, siting the valuation of several other nearby houses. She also requested the valuation be reduced from $12,450 to $4,135 on a property she and her husband own at 225 E. 15th. The board, Murray and Darrel Stanard said they would look at both properties in the afternoon.

The Board of Equalization also approved the following tax-exemption applications: a 1991 Chevrolet pickup and a 2003 Ford Taurus for Brodstone Memorial Hospital; a 2002 Ford Windstar van and a 2000 Ford Contour for Mid Nebraska Individual Services; and a 1991 Ford 15-passenger van for Living Faith Fellowship Church.

In other business:

Gary Warren, assistant highway superintendent, reported that people are removing barricades and crossing the Lindgren bridge, near Angus, which is now closed. Commissioner Brown suggesting trying to find someone willing to remove the bridge for salvage. Warren said the bridge is the last "pony truss" bridge over the Little Blue River in the county.

Warren said he has looked at pickups to replace the Dodge he is currently driving. The board requested he advertise for bids for either a new or late-model used truck. Commissioner Dan Corman said he would prefer a new truck be purchased for Warren to drive, primarily because of the available government discount.

Commissioner Corman said he was approached by a member of the Hardy Village Board about possible help from the county with maintenance on certain streets within the village, because the village is struggling financially from their ongoing drinking water problem. County Attorney Tim Schmidt recommended the village submit a written proposal with specific requests so the board would know what kind of help they were asking for.

A grant contract in the amount of $5,760 was approved between the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) and the county on behalf of South Heartland Economic Development District.

An agreement with Meritain Health Administrative Services was approved.