SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- One bright middle school student from Socorro was selected to represent New Mexico in a nationwide scientific video contest.

Anjik Ghosh, a seventh-grader at Cottonwood Valley Charter School, was selected as a semifinalist in the Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge.

The top 10 entries in the country will compete in Washington, D.C., in October.

Students who entered the contest had to create a short video in which they had to explain a scientific topic. The video was judged on scientific merit as well as the students? ability to communicate effectively about the topic.

Ghosh had no problem explaining the basic concept of his video after school Monday.

?I did a video on the Doppler effect, which is like sound moving while an object is also moving, and how that warps the sound wave,? Ghosh said. ?Basically I talked about the Doppler effect and how you can see it and explain it in daily life.?

The Doppler effect is often explained by pointing out the change in the way an emergency siren sounds as it approaches and then moves away from a person.

It is defined by Webster?s Dictionary as ?a change in the frequency with which waves (as of sound or light) from a given source reach an observer when the source and the observer are in motion with respect to each other so that the frequency increases or decreases according to the speed at which the distance is decreasing or increasing.?

Ghosh had a simpler way of describing the effect.

?A visible simulation of the Doppler effect would be if you drop a stone in water,? Ghosh said. ?That would represent the sound moving in a still area. But if you had something moving across the water, under it, skimming it almost, then the sound wave would be compressed at the front, and that would be like a higher pitch, and it would be a lower pitch in the back.?

Ghosh found out that he was the semifinalist for New Mexico during the middle of summer. His video, which his father lent a hand in recording, was just under two minutes in length.

?First of all, you send your video in about a given topic; there are five or six given topics that they have,? Ghosh said. ?Then, if they select you for the top of the state, then you wait until they say if you?re going to nationals.?

According to the contest Web site, the finalists will compete in a series of challenges, individually and as part of teams, on scientific challenges.

?It?s crazy that you get to represent New Mexico, but having the possibility of going to Washington, D.C., is even better,? Ghosh said.

Ghosh is no stranger to science. He is involved in Science Olympiad, as well as the science fair, in which he has already seen huge success. He took third place at an international science fair in Houston, Texas, last year and was a winner in both regional and state science fair competition.