SUPERIOR, Nebraska (STPNS) -- For the operation of city government in the coming fiscal year, it appears the tax burden on local property owners will remain constant. Monday evening members of the Superior City Council approved a budget calling for the same number of local tax dollars as requested last year.

Some budget categories show a much larger projected expenditure, in some cases double. However, while explaining the budget, Sam Clark said the projected expenditures were set to include the possibility of receiving grant funds.

Nebraska law does not allow for the spending of funds not budgeted. Superior did not receive any grant funds in the current year and may not in the coming year. Should a grant be received, Clark anticipates the budget was written in such a way that the money received may be used.

In other action Monday, the five members of the council present for the meeting unanimously approved a request from Aurora Cooperative to lease land near the waste water treatment plant for temporary grain storage.

Two representatives of the cooperative, Randy Rhoads and Lynn Culbertson, attended the council meeting.

Rhoads said the cooperative anticipated this year's harvest would be greater than last. The cooperative has taken steps to increase the amount of grain it can store at a First Street location but it has no other alternatives. If the wastewater treatment plant site is not available, he said the cooperative would have to stop receiving grain when its other sites are full.

He said the cooperative's management had been looking at the way grain was handled last fall and changes will be made for this harvest. The cooperative wants all outside storage sites cleaned-up earlier this year. With the current price of grain, Rhoads said the cooperative will take steps to reduce the risk associated with outside storage.

Last year some problems developed with regard to the separation of the stored grain and trucks and a closed landfill which adjoins the area the cooperative leased. This year both the cooperative and the city agreed steps will be taken to make sure the landfill area is not disturbed.

A request from Brodstone Memorial Hospital for the painting of crosswalks at Eleventh and Washington and at Eleventh and Idaho was approved.

The resignation of Jeromi Wagner from the water department was accepted. Apparently Wagner has accepted a railroad job.

Permission was given the Chamber of Commerce to block a portion of Fourth Street for a supper on Sept. 18, and Superior Schools to have a homecoming parade and pep rally on Friday. The parade will form at Sixth and Central, move south to Fourth Street and turn west before disbanding for a pep rally Fourth and Central.