BUDA, Texas (STPNS) -- Contractor issues continue to plague Buda's Stagecoach Park project, city councilmembers heard Tuesday night.

"This has been the project that just will not go away," said Buda Mayor Bobby Lane.

Buda City Manager Kenneth Williams said the city should consider bringing in an alternate contractor to complete the park project, following problems with the contractor, Robison Landscape and Construction, LLC.  

"I think there is some blame to go around but I have serious concerns with the ability of the contractor to fulfill this contract," Williams said.

In late August, the bond company for the Stagecoach project, ICW Group Insurance Services, instructed the city to stop making payments to Robison because of continued unpaid debt to subcontractors.

Soon after, the city rescinded the $400,000 Phase 2 contract with the Snyder-based firm, effectively firing the company. However, Robison is still completing work on Phase 1, bid at more than $1.5 million.

The 52-acre park was initially scheduled for completion on May 15, but was granted an extension until early June. The Phase I work on the park is now 143 days behind schedule, city staff said Tuesday.

With a $500 per day late fee in the contract, the city can dock the final payment by $71,000, staff said.

Additionally, problems persist with the work itself. Some trail slopes are too steep to meet ADA requirements, and the restroom was built crookedly at a four percent slope, staff said.

Councilmembers asked staff if those problems were due to the design of engineering firm PBS&J or the construction work of Robison and subcontractors, but Interim Buda Parks and Recreation Director Jake Eason said it was difficult to determine who is at fault for the issues.

"It's going to take more research," Eason said.

Eason said the city wouldn't accept the project until the issues were fixed by the contractor.

"It's an easy fix, it's just the delay," Eason said. "There is no price tag to us."

Councilmembers instructed staff to provide notice to Robison that the city would attempt to collect on the late fees, and also file on the performance bond.

"There are a lot of serious questions with this project and I want to get some answers myself so we can get it moving along," Williams said.