BUDA, Texas (STPNS) -- Elections may be a cornerstone of American democracy, but campaign season can produce some ugly weather.

Vandals in the Wimberley area targeted a vehicle with Obama bumper stickers Sunday night, throwing a rock through the rear windshield, stuffing Obama signs into the car, peeling off the bumper sticker, and spray-painting "Obama" - or actually, a word that more closely resembled "Obaha" - across the side of the vehicle.

  Hays County Sherriff's Office spokesperson Leroy Opiela said the department got the page Sunday evening at about 9 p.m.

The car belonged to Cheryl Fillekes, an Austin resident visiting friends on Longhorn Trail in the Wimberley area this weekend, Opiela said.

  The sheriff's office has no immediate leads in the case, Opiela said. The crime would be classified as criminal mischief, a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in state jail and $10,000 fine. Hays County Democratic Party Chair Anna Martinez Boling said she's received a large number of responses since the incident.

"People are very upset," Boling said. "What kind of coward does that stuff? It's just disgusting."

Boling said vandalism of Obama signs has become upsettingly commonplace. "We've had signs vandalized, we've had signs stolen, I've had calls from people saying their signs were ripped to shreds," Boling said. "There's a frat house on Comanche St. with a sign that has a stake though it. Some people are afraid to put bumper stickers on their cars or signs in their yards."

There have also been reports of motorists yelling racial epithets at residents with Obama signs or bumper stickers, Boling said.

  "I hope it's the work of a few nuts instead of a racist trend in this county," Boling said. "It's very disconcerting and troubling that our neighbors are behaving like that."

Harold Shelton, a precinct chair for the Hays County GOP, said some Republican signs have also been the target of vandals.

"Especially the yard signs of McCain and Palin, they just disappear," Shelton said. "We're against everybody's sign being stolen."