SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- An expansion of my :Comments? from the December 28, 2006, edition of the Mountain Mail.

Two years ago, I received a call from a young Texas rancher who told me he was going to lose his ranch to a highway to be built by foreigners ? a few questions later, and we were told the governmental agency would not tell him where the highway was going, only that it would run ?from the South to the North.?

A neighboring rancher contacted his attorney, who reported that he (the attorney) could find out very little, only that there is going to be a highway, and apparently, their land would be taken by a ?version? of imminent domain; however, there would be no price negotiations, the federal government was involved, and it was setting the price ? period.

About a year ago, a rancher from western Arizona called and started telling me a similar story. After listening for a minute or two, I interrupted and told him the ?rest of his story? by repeating the young Texan?s story. The Arizonan and I were dumbfounded, when comparing our notes; we found basically the same story. Today, the story, although still smoky, is becoming clearer.

The two roads in questions are part of a mega-transportation system of truly super-highways. As described last week, the first of these will start on Mexico?s West coast at Lazaro Cardenas, come inland to Mexico City, north to Monterrey, and cross into the United States near Laredo, Texas, then north to Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Bismarck, and finally Regina, Winnipeg, and Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

This has been referred to as a pipedream by some people who do not want any publicity ?yet? (read: they don?t want the public to know anything about it until it is too late to stop it). You can get a pretty complete rundown on 80 of the high priority corridors in the United States by logging on to table.html.

This information will show the ?desired routes? of the new super highways as proposed by the North American Forum on Integration (NAFI).? This is an unelected group of internationalists; some from the United States, many not; all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose stated goal is to use this highway to connect Canada, the United States and Mexico, the three NAFTA signatories, into a new country, the North American Union, with its own currency, which they have designated the Amero.

When the vote for the FTAA failed, President Bush reportedly lost his cool and in raised voice said, ?The fools need the FTAA to compete with the European Union and its euro.? Maybe he will get his way if the NAFI highways and the plans of the Council on Foreign Relations to join Canada, the United States and Mexico are finalized.

A college professor friend from San Antonio, Texas, who is aware of the program, called to tell me it is being done in such secrecy, none of his students have ever heard of the international highway locally known as the NAFTA superhighway ? and it goes right through their area.

This will destroy our nation, its laws, and the ?dollar.?

Frankly, I do not want anything to do with a government that has Mexico as a partner, or an economy that has the peso as a partner.

They are both losers.

I have been called an isolationist, an extremist and worse. However, I believe Americans from sea to shining sea will be calling the President and their congressmen much worse when the truth is learned about how they Globalized the United States and destroyed our freedoms and property rights ? the same freedoms and rights 300,000 American boys died fighting for in World War II.

Next week ? information on WHO is putting up the cash for this project, and how it will reduce the United States? standard of living to that of Mexico.

Copyright January ?07, by Luther Broaddus III, Magdalena, NM 87825. Luther Broaddus, publisher of Luther?s Comments, a nationally circulated column for local weekly newspapers, lives in the high mountains, southwest of Magdalena. He is solely responsible for its content. E-mail him at