QUINCY, California (STPNS) --     Members of the Lake Davis Steering Committee met Feb. 21 in the wake of pike eradication project decisions by both the California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Forest Service in order to discuss their next steps within the community.

    Items on the agenda featured topics and schedules for future community workshops, media coverage, local well testing, chemical formulation of chosen rotenone products, and Lake Davis Trust Fund monies.

    Ed Pert of DFG reported to the committee on the community outreach already begun by DFG and brought completed brochures on Portola to the meeting. These promotional brochures have been distributed at boat and recreational vehicle shows in Sacramento, San Francisco and, soon, Reno.

    For its part, the steering committee, led by Chairman Jim Murphy, listed a number of topics it saw need for in the community as well as topics members felt the steering committee needed for its own education.

    One of the first topics needing to be broached was the chemical formulation involved in the two compounds included in the treatment plan. Committee members felt that there were many questions about human safety, health concerns, animal concerns and mitigation that had come up and would come up in the future. The subject of cancer-producing chemicals listed in Proposition 65 was a large part of perceived concern.

    The committee also felt that the community would benefit from an economics workshop. This would need to come later, after further studies had been conducted that addressed some of the complaints entered into the environmental impact report/environmental impact statement.

    In addition, it was felt that a separate claims workshop under the direction of a forensic accountant would benefit the community. Fran Roudebush thought that people should learn now about what was involved ? what kind of paperwork was involved, what kind of records needed to be kept, for example.

    Also, the committee felt it needed more internal discussion of how a trust fund could be set up, the timeline for that to happen, and the legislative support that would be required to institute it.

    The eight members of the Lake Davis Steering Committee represent the City of Portola, the County of Plumas, Grizzly Lake Resort Improvement District Portola businesses and Lake Davis residents.

    The committee meets again March 19 at 1 p.m. at City Hall.