DELHI, California (STPNS) -- On Friday, March 10, Christian rock fans were treated to a powerful night of praise, worship and music. Lincoln Brewster put on a concert at the Turlock Community Theatre that kept fans out of their seats with their hands in the air.
Brewster graduated from Davis High School in Modesto in 1989. He is now a worship leader at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, as well as a popular Christian artist.
Brewster moved to Modesto at the age of 15. In an exclusive interview with The Delhi Express, he said that the best thing about living in the Central Valley was meeting his wife, Laura, with whom he now has two children, Levi (4) and Liam (16 months).
His career as a musician started at a young age. He was invited to be the lead guitarist for former Journey front-man Steve Perry. Brewster toured with Perry in 1994 and 1995.
According to Brewster, the difference between performing as a more mainstream musician and performing as a Christian musician is the purpose. He considers the former a more ?self-serving environment.? Christian concerts bring people together in encouragement and worship.
?I would hope that God would use my life to draw people closer to him,? Brewster said during the pre-concert interview.
The sold-out crowd at the concert brought many different people together. Following a brief introduction and welcome from co-ordinator Sylvia Cox, as well as an opening prayer, Brewster took the stage along with bass guitarist Reid McNulty and drummer Noel Pilgrim. Both McNulty and Pilgrim are involved in ministry at Bayside Church.
The influences of Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn are obvious in Brewster's music. From hard rocking worship songs to beautiful ballads, Brewster combines his musical talent with his faith. He performed songs including ?Majestic,? ?Love the Lord? and ?Surrender.?
?God is head over heels, crazy in love with each and every one of you,? Brewster told the audience, ?and the cool thing is, there's nothing you can do about it.?
A popular worship song in some churches has been ?Shout to the Lord.? After describing a period in his life during which he felt as though he never wanted to hear that song again, Brewster performed the hit that is played on Christian radio stations regularly.
?I hung with it and now I love it again,? Brewster shared with his fans.
He also shared the story behind ?All I Really Want.? He described how it was inspired by his first son.
The now four-year-old son of Brewster joined him on stage to plays drums for ?Every Move I Make.? This particular performance especially drew cheers from the crowd. Brewster immediately followed with his hit ?All To You.?
After 14 songs, the concert came to an end shortly after 9 p.m. It is hoped that this was just the first of Christian concerts to be played at the Turlock Community Theatre.
As for Brewster, in 2006 he is looking forward to watching what God does around him.
?Choices determine the future, so make good ones,? Brewster offers as advice to Central Valley youth.
The Turlock Community is located at 1574 E. Canal Drive in Turlock. For more information on upcoming shows, call 668-1169 or visit their website.

Brewster will return to his old stomping grounds on Wednesday, June 21. He is scheduled to perform at Calvary Temple Church in Modesto at 7 p.m.