DELHI, California (STPNS) -- Saavedra's Perfect Blend in Delhi has always been a great place to hang out and find great coffee?now you can stop by for a look at some great artwork, too. The Delhi Art Show opened on April 14, with half-a-dozen local artists turning out to show and sell their pieces.

The artists themselves showed almost as much variety as the media in which they worked. Currently on display are pieces in acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite pencil, pastel and digital medium. Neither was the art limited to visual creativity: two new authors appeared to promote their works, as well.

Judy Burnette, author of ?The Unsinkable Lucy,? attended the show to give a reading of her children's book. Reciting the tale of a spunky poodle named Lucy and the ups and downs of her life, the book is available online at, as well as at Borders in Turlock.

?One of the reasons that I wanted to write this book is that as a dog, Lucy has a very unique life,? Burnette explained. ?She has feelings and thoughts as much as any human. Lucy has a unique and interesting history to share with readers.?

Burnette also hoped that the book would become a good resource tool for people that work with children who have problems communicating or verbalizing their feelings.

Although the show was designed mostly to showcase various styles of art, Burnette was not the only author present. Mary Eklund, author of ?Princess Vika's Forever Family,? also made an appearance. Complete with beautiful color illustrations by Maria Gonzalez, the book tells the story of a young Russian orphan who longs for parents of her own. It is available at, Borders in Turlock, Borders Express in Modesto and the Family Bible Center.

Among the art pieces on display, local artist Darrel McCurdy has a wide array of works on display in the show, including a number of digital art prints and acrylic paintings. A set of four large canvases grace one wall of Perfect Blend, all of which are available for sale.

McCurdy considers ?01:30,? so named for the hour that inspired the piece, one of his most representational paintings. It depicts a copse of dark trees against the night sky, while a sparse scattering of stars twinkle in the background, reminiscent to many of famous pieces by Van Gogh.

McCurdy's other paintings are generally more impressionistic. In one, what began as a photograph of two dogs playing through a sliding glass door became an abstract work that has been interpreted as anything from dinosaurs to sandy beaches.

When asked to describe his style of art, McCurdy answered confidently, ?Experimentation. I don't fall into any artistic category.?

The art show will be open to the public for two weeks, during which time any new artist may submit their work while there is display room. The art can be viewed during regular business hours during the two week period. Perfect Blend is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

The show will close on April 28, with a closing reception on Friday, April 27 including a live performance by local band Forgiven by Grace. Additional musical acts are still being booked for the closing reception. Contact Brenda at Saavedra's Perfect Blend at 632-5545 or Rebekah McCurdy at 678-7190 for further details.