LEXINGTON, Mississippi (STPNS) -- The Home Again Program series on modular homes provides a unique, insider point-of-view of engineering marvels. Each story examines a wide variety of angles and offers practical information on these important projects.

Host Danny Forster began the one-hour show with a visit to Safeway Homes in Lexington to see production process that creates a home that can be shipped in pieces to the property of the homeowner. Then he works with the construction crew to assemble the components into a completed home that is ready for occupancy within a matter of days. Rose Brown and her home in Pass Christian are used as a case study for modular housing and hurricane rebuilding solutions.

The episode August 28 installment, entitled Hurricane-Proof Homes, explored the construction of heavy duty modular homes and their journey from factory to final site. These modular homes are a unique solution to rebuilding needs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This building method has rarely been used in the coastal area despite the benefits of this type of construction.

"It means a lot to be out of the trailer and in something that feels permanent," says Brown. "It's like you are finally able to put down roots and move forward again." Brown spent nearly one and one-half years in a FEMA trailer before she found help with Home Again. "You have no idea what a relief it is to have somebody that's willing to help you and explain things to you," says Brown. "It's just wonderful."

Our homes are built to exacting standards that can be achieved by constructing them in controlled conditions at our factory," said Buddy Jenkins, president of Safeway Homes. "All the homes bound for Pass Christian are built to withstand winds of up to 160 miles per hour and they will serve the families who live there for decades to come. We're proud to be a Mississippi company providing homes for Mississippi hurricane victims."

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