BERNICE, Louisiana (STPNS) -- On April 9, 1957 at the home of Mrs. W.C. Reeves, 49 ladies with a vision for making their community a more beautiful place, met for the first time. Mrs. Cortez Laurence, Jr. served as hostess for the gathering, and from this meeting, the Bernice Garden Club was formed.

The first motto of the club was ?Gracious Living Through Beautiful Flowers?, and was documented through the scrapbooks, photos and other memorabilia provided by Mrs. Cortez Laurence. The club?s productive history has has been carefully preserved by Mrs. Laurence and other club members over the past 50 years. Dozens of photos captured the beauty and creativity of members, both past and present. Over the years, their object was ?To Stimulate the interest and love of gardening, promote friendship among the members, and to encourage civic beautification.? Their flower of choicewas the rose, and the club colors still remain green and white.

As always, the reception table was filled with delicious food and ornated by various Christmas arrangements.

Present day members include the newest member Orelle Blackwell , and Terri Farris who serves as Vice President. Others are Louisa Fremming, Agnes ?Chi Chi? Grafton, HenriEster Lindsey, Floe Martin, Phamie Martin, Martha Milner, Verda O?Bannon, Betty O?Bannon - club secretary, Melba Ober, and club president Louise Pearson, Maxine Pender, Helen Reeves, Bobbie Dayle Smith who serves as treasurer, Priscilla St. John, Rebecca Stenzel, Kathryn Ward, and Betty Wiltcher. The club meets on a monthly basis and invites anyone who has a love for flowers and for their community are invited to come join them.