SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- A local cartoonist and graphic artist has published his own version of the U.S. passport ? a comical look at the focus on corporate wealth in this country.

Former book illustrator and layout artist Jerry Milord, whose alter ego is General U.S. Rant, said the passport was created ?to briefly acquaint U.S. citizens with the world they are about to travel through, by re-acquainting themselves with the world they travel from.?

He said the passport is not concerned with all of the many paradoxes of American society but instead calls attention, in a comical way, to the dominance of wealth in America and the severe burden it imposes on a democratic society.

?The passport has to do with money,? Milord said. ?It?s a passport to a saner United States of America.?

The 25-page volume is the same size as a normal passport and comes with a slipcase and a mailing envelope.

?I hope that people buy them and give them to their uncle or aunt who still are not conscious of how money-oriented this society has become,? Milord said.

Milord gained fame in Santa Fe in the late 1980s by creating a series of six different postcards poking fun at Santa Fe style and tourism. He said about 20,000 postcards were sold.

One of his postcards, titled ?Another Victim of Santa Fe Style,? was so well-received it became a full-sized poster and is still a big seller. The picture is also seen on T-shirts sold in Santa Fe stores.

One of his later projects was a paper shopping bag meant to cover the head of a cell-phone user with the words ?Please do not disturb. I am on my cell phone.?

Milord?s passport costs $5 and is available locally at Raven?s Quill Bookstore on Sixth Street.