SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- This Global Warming thing is really heating up. Not just in this little column but in the corporate and political arena as well (hang on to your wallet, folks). Exxon has now ?finally admitted? that emissions may contribute to global warming.

Why should that raise a red flag? Simple, the big corporations play us poor taxpayers like a $3 fiddle with their political manipulations. Why would they make such a statement ?finally?? In my cynical opinion it would be because they are poised to profit as the price of gas goes through the roof courtesy of the Eco-dupes.

When gas hits the $8-a-gallon that the radical ecos want (to stop us from driving) Exxon will be able to buy a lot less crude oil, they?ll be able to lay off personnel and probably even get our tax money in subsidies as well. Far fetched? Not nearly as far fetched as the global warming fiasco.

Powerful Congressman John Dingell is now pushing his anti-global warming plan. He proposes to hit us with a 50-cents-a-gallon tax on gasoline! His ?fix? for ?greenhouse gases? is to hit us in the wallet, big surprise. As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Dingell and his committee will handle all the global-warming legislation. He explains his mordida like this: ?If we are serious about global warming, we need to reduce consumption by making it more expensive. We need to do things that are difficult, costly and will require sacrifice from all of us.?

I love to hear a politician say ?sacrifice from all of us.? It shows me that they are in full disregard mode toward all us peons who pay the bills. After all, unlike the congress-people, we don?t get a government limo or military air transport.

Enough about politics! Just remember this: once again, the corporate players and the politicians will benefit and we will take it in the ear.

As promised last week, let?s take a quick look at ?greenhouse gasses.? The heart and soul of the global warming hoax is this: carbon dioxide emissions from our lifestyles are supposedly causing the so-called greenhouse effect. The greenhouse theory is two part: a gas absorbs heat from the sun and then re-emits it later, causing increased overall warming.

The allegation is that as carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere (from energy emissions) increases, so does global warming. Let?s debunk it in two parts. Even if you choose to ignore the spotty history of the enviro-panic theorists (remember global cooling!) and if you choose to ignore all the scientists and evidence that deny global warming completely, and if you want to be a follower of the likes of Gore ? you still have one major problem. Carbon dioxide is not a proven greenhouse gas. The carbon dioxide monster is not provable. The contrarians point out that the Earth?s atmosphere contains 0.03 percent carbon dioxide and the atmosphere of Mars contains about 95.0 percent CO2 (600 times Earth?s atmosphere).

NASA has blown our tax dollars on a road trip looking for the greenhouse effect on Mars, all to no avail. Oops! When the sun sets on Mars the temperature plummets. This calls into question the supposed greenhouse properties of good old CO2. There?s tons more information about this available on the internet, much more than is practical to discuss in this little column. Check it for yourself.

Next, the garbage about us nasty humans being to blame for all this and the guilt trip that we nasty humans are to blame for this ? unproven, factually bankrupt, divisive, horrendously expensive ? global warming hoax is blarney.

Point: The fossil record from the Cretaceous Period (the heyday of the dinosaurs) shows higher levels of CO2 than we have today. I guess the dinos must have driven really, really big SUV?s to do all that polluting.

Here?s an alternative theory: global warming is caused by all the hot air emitting from the politicians. The Bottom Line: Think for yourselves folks! Don?t buy into another costly and potentially deadly eco-hoax. There are far too much data that contradict their theory.

Maybe that is why its promoters fight so hard against honest open discussion. Remember, every action has consequences. When energy prices get too high, something has to give. The poorest folks freeze when fuel oil costs skyrocket. Malnutrition in the elderly increases when they are caught in a money pinch and have to choose between food and medicine and gas.

Global warming is a theory and nothing more. We don?t need to be victimized by another half-cocked political agenda! Science fiction writer Douglas Adams tells of a super computer that was asked the meaning of life. It went crazy and tried to destroy the human race because humans were worthless in computer?s estimation. After seven million years of computations, the computer concluded that the meaning of life was ?42.?

These current computer modeled fiascos are similarly valuable. There are things that are beyond human understanding and it is pure egotistical presumption to think that we will figure everything out. Taking desperate action based on some unproven and improvable theory like global warming is foolishness in the extreme.

Rick Coddington is a third-generation native New Mexican. He attended UNM and studied political science. He has lived in Socorro since 1974. His opinions do not necessarily represent the Mountain Mail.