HULL, Iowa (STPNS) -- Taking another step in his political career, Randy Feenstra announced last week that he is seeking the Republican nomination for a seat in the Iowa State Senate.  He intends to run in Senate District 2, which includes Lyon, Plymouth and Sioux Counties.  The seat is currently held by Senator Dave Mulder, who announced last week that he is retiring after one term.

Feenstra grew up in Hull, the son of Lee and Eleanor, and graduated from Western Christian High School and Dordt College.  He also has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Iowa State University.  He was employed as the Sales Manager for the Foreign Candy Company for seven years and the Hull City Manager for seven years.

He and his wife, Lynette, live in Hull with their four children.

Feenstra is presently serving a four-year term as the Sioux County Treasurer, a position that has given him a zeal for politics.

?I?m in this as a career.  I want to make a difference in politics,? said the 39-year-old.  ?This is not my last stop.  I want to work my way into leadership.?

But he?s driven by a desire to see government improved.

?After working in a fast-paced, cutting edge private business, like Foreign Candy and then moving to a government job, I saw that government has to change,? he said.  ?Quite often government has too much bureaucracy and red tape and doesn?t necessarily look at the bottom line.  No longer looking at profit and loss was hard for me to get my hands around.?

He tried to create goals and results in Hull?s city government through quality management and he continued that practice in the County Treasurer?s Office.

?In the Treasurer?s office we have eliminated one of the positions and we have cut our budget, just trying to be efficient,? he explained.

He believes all government, from the city to the national level needs to be more effective and efficient.

?Government needs to set goals, objectives and how to measure the goals to get results,? he added.  ?If the results aren?t met, then we need to change or quit, but often government keeps doing the same things even if they don?t work.  The state?s lavish spending of hundred?s of millions of dollars over the last three years should have taxpayers asking, ?what are we getting for it??

Feenstra?s announcement last week came one day after Mulder decided not to run for reelection.

Feenstra met with Mulder last summer, and asked the senator if he was going to run again.  At that time, Mulder said yes.

?I told him, if you decide to step out, or after the four years, I want to be considered for your position,? said Feenstra.  ?He called me and said that he was not running and I appreciate that so much.  That gave me the opportunity to consider and then to finally decide to run.?

One of his considerations was the four months that he will be in Des Moines during the weekdays.  ?I will be away from my family during that time and that will be a tough step,? he said.

If he is elected to the Iowa Senate, Feenstra hopes to get the Republican Party back to its core principles of lower taxes, less spending and promoting a social agenda friendly to families.

?The Democrats refuse to stand up and protect the institution of marriage, they refuse to curb government spending and they refuse to protect Iowa?s Right-to-Work laws,? he said.  ?I will definitely be someone who takes the initiative to stand up for marriage, cutting taxes and doing everything possible to resist the attempts by Democrats and the Unions to gut Iowa?s Right-to-Work laws.?

The general election will be on Nov. 4.  At this time, Feenstra has no opponent in the Republican primary on June 3.