DELHI, California (STPNS) -- At the beginning of February, a Delhi family experienced the devastating loss of their home to an electrical fire. One of the family members, 12-year-old David LaJeunesse suffered from severe burns to approximately 35-percent of his body. He remains at Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento for treatment and has already undergone at least one skin grafting procedure, according to a family friend. His parents are able to stay at the nearby Ronald McDonald House.

The family lost everything in the fire and many within the community have rallied to help them. High school students, including the Delhi Leo Club, have been working on collecting items for the family. Needs include clothing. In addition to his two parents, David has a three-year-old sister. They are collecting items for all four family members and monetary donations. In the future, the Leo Club will also collect household items and food.

The house on Letteau was destroyed by the fire that reportedly took firefighters about 15 minutes to put out. David was trapped in his room where he was rescued by firefighters. He reportedly survived by covering himself with a comforter or blanket, a safety tip he had recently learned at school. He is a sixth grader at El Capitan. In a recent online comment at another website, his father credited firefighter James Allen with saving the boy's life and considers him a hero. Allen reportedly broke down the wall between the living room and bedroom to get to David and rescue him.

Another family lost their home to fire earlier this week. No one was injured. It has been reported that this family also is a sixth grader at El Capitan. Efforts are being made to help them as well.

Chris Rosenblad, a fifth grade teacher at El Capitan, said her class has decided to help in the efforts of aiding the two families. The class has been working on a cookbook. Once completed, they will sell it and 50-percent of the proceeds will go to assisting the two families. See The Delhi Express February edition or check back here for additional information.