RATON, New Mexico (STPNS) -- Miners' Colfax Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Don Holl has been put on administrative leave for this week and the Raton hospital's board is asking state agencies to review complaints leveled at Holl by Raton doctor Misbah Zmily.

MCMC Chief Financial Officer Albino Martinez, who is serving as interim CEO in Holl's absence, said Monday that Holl was placed on administrative leave for five days beginning Monday. Martinez said the board discussed the matter during a special closed meeting Saturday night and board Chairman Roy Fernandez took the action to put Holl on leave. Fernandez and other board members, as well as Holl, could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.

Martinez said Holl - who had been on vacation for three weeks and was scheduled to return to work Monday - attended Saturday's board meeting and was informed then of the decision to put him on leave. Martinez said the board chairman has the authority to place the CEO on a five-day leave, but that any continuation of the leave after this week would have to be directed or approved by the governor's office.

MCMC is asking state agencies to conduct an "independent review" of the complaints made to the board by Zmily, Martinez said. He said Zmily met with the board at Saturday's closed meeting to express his complaints and also provided the board with some documents. Martinez declined to discuss the specific topics of concern voiced by Zmily in the closed meeting.

Zmily on Monday afternoon said he wanted to see what the board's "plan of action" was for the immediate future and he expected to comment later in the week after he met with Martinez.

Martinez said MCMC would like to have the State Personnel Office coordinate the review it is requesting, as well as likely have the state Department of Health involved. He said he did not know how quickly the state review would get started or how soon it could be completed. When asked if the review could possibly get done within this week, Martinez declined to guess, but noted that MCMC has been the focus of many state officials, including the governor, lately.

Martinez last week said MCMC was attempting to renegotiate an agreement with Raton's primary-care doctors to handle care of hospital patients who do not have their own doctor. Such an agreement was canceled last month by Holl after Zmily announced he intended to withdraw from the agreement, which would leave the remaining three doctors unable to handle the load, according to what the doctors have said in the past. The agreement that was cancelled will formally expire July 16.

Zmily - whose contract to manage the MCMC emergency room was also cancelled by Holl last month - is also planning to close his private practice in Raton unless Holl resigns or is replaced.

The doctor and administrator have been at odds for some time over doctor recruitment and other issues. Zmily also claims his wife, a lab technician at MCMC, has been harassed at her job.

Amid the current turmoil, Martinez emphasized the MCMC staff is continuing to do their jobs well. "The staff needs to focus on patient care and we'll get through this," he said.